Ryokan Asunaro

In Praise of Traditions


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A Space to Encounter History & Craftmanship

It is said that a group of defeated samurai warriers found shelter in a wealthy landlord's country house in a distant mountain of Nigata during the 16th century Sengoku Period.  In 1991, the country house, with ancient Japanese elm wood elements was relocated to the heart of Takayama and resurrected as Ryokan Asunaro after undergoing thoughtful and careful restoration.  Since then, guests from all over the world stay at Ryokan Asunaro to experience its wonders.

The architecture of the hotel is ingenious yet remarkably simple; No nails were used to construct the house.  The post and beam construction provide shelter against the harsh, inhospitable climate of Nigata. Yet the building does not exclude nature. It is a part of nature and welcomes it. 


"Omotenashi" is the Japanese philosophy of giving extraordinary hospitality. 

Our mission is to celebrate the beauty of Japanese heritage whilst wholeheartedly assisting our guests to create unforgettable experiences from visiting our wonderful town of Takayama.  Please come to stay and let us "omotenashi" you. 

Ryokan Asunaro

Rooms filled with the warmth of natural wood and serene ambience

There are five types of traditional rooms available to help you feel comfortable and relaxed.  

Non smoking

Free Wi-Fi

Superior Room

Family Room

Deluxe Room

Standard Room

Standard Room with Shower

Room Amenities
  • Bottled water (one per person)
  • Toothbrush
  • Hand towel
  • Bath towel
  • Yukata set
  • Small Fridge
  • TV
  • Security safe
  • Humidifier
  • Hair dryer
  • Electric kettle
  • Japanese tea set
  • Men's razor
  • Cotton buds・Shower cap
  • Body washing towel
  • Hairbrush
  • Sawing kit
  • Shampoo・Conditioner・Body gel

Evening Kaiseki Meal
Discover the Art of Kaiseki Kyodo Ryori in Takayama

Unlike the affluent cities like Tokyo and Osaka where food changes with fashion and mood, country food reflects the rhythms of the earth, using the fresh seasonal ingredients which the region has an offer. 
We proudly serve a course of Takayama's regional speciality dishes, known as kyodo kaiseki ryori, which is painstakingly prepared by our head chef.  The pinnacle of the evening meal is undoubtedly sukiyaki dish with an award-winning Hida wagyu beef, meticulously raised by cattle farmers in Hida with an abundance of sweet green grass and pristine spring water from the Japanese Alps.  

Option to Choose Japanese or Western Style 
Breakfast to Replenish and Uplift your Energy

We offer two options for breakfast: Japanese style and Western style.  For Japanese breakfast, you can enjoy a taste of regional miso known as Hoba miso, a hearty miso sauce with a unique fragrance infused by dried magnolia leaf.  To taste a marriage of this salty yet slightly sweet aromatic miso with a bowl of fluffy Japanese rice is imperative to start your day in Takayama. 

Japanese style breakfast

Elevate your day with a nourishing Japanese style breakfast with local delicacies: a bowl of premium Hida Koshihikari rice with a Hoba miso sauce, pungent wild mountain vegetables, and pickles. 

Western style breakfast

A choice of western style breakfast can be selected from the second morning of your stay.  Should you wish to select a western option from the first morning, please inform us in advance.

Convenient & Central

Ryokan Asunaro is conveniently located in Takayama, a vibrant and bustling historical merchant town in Gifu and is an ideal location for travellers using various transportation modes; a short 5 minutes stroll from JR Takayama station and Nohi bus terminal center, the city's transportation hub. For car travellers, we offer an onsite free car parking space right in front of our hotel.  Our guests can leave your car and your luggage with us prior to check-in or after check-out for exploring our picturesque town. 

Quaint Traditional Japanese Interior

Non smoking

Free Wi-Fi

Stepping into a magnificent entrance at Ryokan Asunaro, you will immediately sense the history of this traditional country farmhouse from Niigata.  As you step out of your shoes and up into the main lounge to a large open space with a traditional sunken hearth, the high beams with 200 years old ancient Japanese elm wood and the soaring ceiling captivate your eyes. You will experience a great feeling of warmth and comfort found in simple Japanese interior. 

Dining Area

Smoking Room

Ice Machine・Microwave

Coin Wash Launderette

Complimentary Amenities

Female guests only
 Yukata Selection

There's nothing more distinctively Japanese than wearing a delightful yukata after soaking your body in Japanese onsen.  Female guests are invited to hand-pick a yukata from various design patterns and colors.  Please note to wear only inside the hotel and leave it upon check-out so other guests can enjoy the same experience. For male guests, we offer a standard male yukata. 

Free of charge
 Bicycle & Umbrella Hire

We stock a number of bicycles for you to use, free of charge, so you can cycle from our doorstep. Takayama is a fantastic area to explore by bicycle and the ride will be unforgettable. Please check with the hotel reception for availability upon arrival.  Our bicycles are available to use for our guests over 12 years old.

For rainy days, we offer complimentary umbrellas.

Time to Unwind
 Coffee in the Lobby

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the morning and afternoon by the open hearth, iori, in our lobby. 

Available times
Afternoon coffee time: 2pm to 8pm
Morning coffee time: 7am to 10am

Restoring Your Body

Geothermal hot water constantly bubbles up from beneath Hida Takayama, thanks to an abundance of volcanoes in Japan.  The onsen water you experience in Takayama is unclouded mineral rich water containing sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate with a touch of sulphur, which are known as therapeutic remedies for body aches, arthritis, fatigue and blood circulation.  

Our guests can enjoy the official Hida Takayama onsen at our hotel. Whilst the size of our public baths is compact with no outdoor bath, our rustic granite stone bath and aromatic scent from Japanese elm wood in changing rooms are very special. 

Public Bath Information 
Facilities Indoor onsen with showers and a granite stone bath
※No outdoor onsen, rotenburo
  • Hair Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shower Gel
  • Cotton Buds
  • Hair Combs
  • Hair Dryer
  • Facial Towel
  • Hand soap
  • Drinking Water
  • Antibacterial Spray

Ladies Changing room

  • Facial Cleansing Products
  • Skin Toner
  • Skin Moisturiser
  • Shower Cap

Mens Changing Room

  • Men's Razor
  • After Shave Lotion
  • Hair Styling Oil
  • Hair Tonic

Check in & out

What time is your check-in and check-out time?

【Check in】14:00〜21:00 
【Check out】7:00〜10:00

Can I leave my car and luggage prior to check-in or after check-out?

Yes, please feel free to leave your car and your luggage with us whilst you head out exploring.
However, please be advised that you can park your car only up to 12:00 during the peak seasons (Golden week in May and the Obon festival in August). For days on which our hotel is closed, we can store your luggage up to 11:00.

Can I request an early check-in or late check-out?

No, we kindly ask all of our guests to check-in after 14:00 and and check-out before 10:00 due to our housekeeping schedules.  Thank you for your understanding in advance.  


Do you have a shuttle bus service provided by the hotel?

No, we do not offer in-house shuttle bus service.  Taxi service is available from JR Takayama Station or please ask our front desk to arrange a taxi for you. 

Where can I park my car?

We have parking space for 15 cars and offer complimentary free car parking (one car parking space per room) for our guests. Please advise us if you are arriving by car in advance. From additional cars, please use the adjoining pay car park.  

Does it snow in Takayama and does it accumulate?

Typically it snows from December in Takayama and it may accumulate.  During the winter seasons, it is advisable to use snow chains and studd snow tires for your vehicles as a safety measure. 


What is your children policy?

We can only accommodate families with school age children (over 7 years old). 

Do you have a reservation waitlist?

No, we do not have a reservation waitlist.  Please check online booking systems for availability.

How far in advance can we make a reservation?

We accept booking from 10 months in advance.  E.g. October booking can be made from early January. 

How early can we reserve for the New Year holiday season?

If we are open during the New Year holiday season, we will take booking from around September. 

Can I make a credit card payment?

Yes, we accept major credit cards and cash-less payments. Click here for more details.  


What time is dinner and breakfast served from?

【Dinner】18:00 or 19:00 start
Please let us know your preferred dinner time at the time of booking.
【Breakfast】7:00 or 7:30 or 8:00 start
We ask your preferences at the time of checking as well. 
Thank you for your understanding in case of not being able to meet your request.  

Can I request a food change for food allergies or food dislikes?

We will do our best to accomodate your dietary requirements for dinner if you let us know in advance prior to your arrival.  However, please be advised that we cannot alter Japanese fish stock and gluten free option is not available.  

For western style breakfast only, we can prepare vegetarian/vegan options. Please let us know well in advance. 

Can I eat in my room or can I book a private dining room?

We ask our guests to dine in our communal dining area for both breakfast and dinner.

Can I have dinner at the hotel more than once?

No.  Dinner at the hotel is available for one night only during your stay. This is a set monthly set menu and costs 5,500 JPY per person. 

Do you serve the same breakfast if I stay longer one night?

You will be served with Japanese style breakfast for the first morning of your stay, then a choice of Japanese or Western from the second morning. There are two types of Japanese breakfast and will alternate daily. 
※ Western style breakfast menu stays the same. 
※ If you wish to have a western style breakfast from the first morning of your stay, please inform us well in advance. 


Can I smoke in my room and at the hotel?

Smoking in guest rooms and inside the hotel are prohibited and are subject to a fine for breaking the rule.  We have a designated smoking area (for both cigarette and e-cigarette) next to the hotel entrance. 

Can I bring food and drinks from outside?

Yes, you can bring food and drinks to your room. Please kindly separate your waste based on recyling and non recyling. 
Outside food and drinks are prohibited in the dining areas

Do you have essential skin care products in a guest room?

We do not have skin care products in guest rooms.
Please feel free to ask the front desk to provide you with make-up remover, facial cleanser, skin toner, and face moisturiser. 

How is the outside view from the guest room?

We are located in a commercial area of Takayama, not in the historic part, therefore we are afraid that the views from the rooms are not scenic. However, you can enjoy our Japanese garden located by the lobby. 

Has your toilet got an electronic bidet?

Yes, all of our rooms features electronic bidets. 

Can I stay at your hotel with my pet?

No, we are a pet free hotel and no pets are allowed. 

Do you have beds in the guest room for elderly? 

Please book our Family room with two beds or we can set up a portable bed with a fee of 1,000 JPY per day per bed. Please notify us at the time of your reservation.   

When is the public bath open? 

Our public bath opening times are: 
【PM】15:00~22:30 or 23:00

Is your main public bath an onsen?

Yes, our onsen is an official Hida Takayama onsen. 

Can I reserve a time-slot for private use of onsen or do you have a family onsen room?

No. We only offer a seperate male and female public onsen baths, and no reservation can be made for private hire. 

Do you have an open-air onsen, rotenburo?

No, we do not have an open-air onsen. 

Do you swap male and female public bath side?

No, we do not swap. 

I have tattoos on my body. Am I allowed to use onsen?

Yes, we are tattoo-friendly onsen hotel.  

Everything else...

Do you have smart phone chargers?

Yes, we have. Please note that we may not have all types of smart phone chargers.  

Can I use wheelchair inside the hotel? Is your hotel step free access throughout?

Yes, you can use your indoor wheelchair inside our hotel. Please use our indoor wheelchair if your wheelchair is used outside.
Unfortunately we are not a completely step-free environment.   

Can I travel light by sending our luggage to you and to the next destination?

Yes, of course. To send your luggage to your next destination (such as your next hotel or airport), please inform us the details at check-in.  Prices vary depending on size and weight.

Can you arrange a birthday cake for us during our stay?

Yes.  You can order a birthday cake with us up to 3 days prior to your check-in date. 
【Cake Size】 4" (12 cm) / 5" (15 cm) / 6" (18cm)
【Price】From 3,500 JPY (excluding VAT)
【Types of Cake】You can choose from Japanese sponge cake with fresh cream, cheese cake, and various character birthday cakes for children.
【Personalisation】Please inform us the details such as;
- is it a surprise?
- number of candles,
- message on the cake,
- the presentation time of the cake.  

 Can you arrange a taxi for us?

Yes. Please ask our front desk to arrange a taxi for you.  We recommend booking a day in advance. Please note that it might be more difficult to arrange during the peak seasons and in case of adverse weather due to high demand. 

Convenient & Central

Ryokan Asunaro is conveniently located in Takayama, a vibrant and bustling historical merchant town in Gifu and is an ideal location for travellers using various transportation modes; a short 5 minutes stroll from JR Takayama station and Nohi bus terminal center, the city's transportation hub. For car travellers, we offer an onsite free car parking space right in front of our hotel.  Our guests can leave your car and your luggage with us prior to check-in or after check-out for exploring our picturesque town. 

Hotel Guest Car Park

15 Outside Car Parking Spaces
Free one car parking space per room

  • Please notify us if you are visiting Takayama by car in advance.
  • For additional cars, please use the adjoining pay car park.
  • We do not provide a shuttle bus service. 

【Tokyo】Approximately 5 hours
Takaido IC ⇒ Matsumoto IC ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro
【Osaka】Approximately 4 hours 50 minutes
Toyonaka IC⇒ Ichinomiya JCT⇒ Takayama IC ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro
【Nagoya】Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
Nagoya IC⇒ Ichinomiya JCT⇒ Takayama IC ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro
【Toyama】Approximately 1 hours 50 minutes
Toyama IC⇒ Kamioka ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro

By Train

【Tokyo】Approximately 4 hours
Tokyo Station⇒ Nagoya Station⇒ Takayama Station ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro
【Osaka】Approximately 4 hours 20 minutes
Osaka ⇒  Takayama Station ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro
【Shin-Osaka】Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes
Shin Osaka Station ⇒ Nagoya Station ⇒ Takayama Station  ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro
【Nagoya】Approximately 2 hours 20 minutes
Nagoya Station ⇒ Takayama Station ⇒ Ryokan Asunaro

By Bus 【Tokyo】Approximately 6 hours
Furukawa/Takayama/Hirayu Onsen - Tokyo (Shinjuku) Line

Shinjuku Bus Terminal ⇒ Takayama Nohi Bus Center 
【Osaka】Approximately 6 hours
Takayama - Kyoto/Osaka Line
Kintetsu Nanba West Exit ⇒ Takayama Nohi Bus Center 
【Nagoya】Approximately 3 hours
Takayama - Nagoya Line
Meitetsu Bus Center ⇒ Takayama Nohi Bus Center 


Check-out 7:00~10:00
Car Park 15 car parking spaces for hotel guests
Facilities Vending machine / Ice machine / Microwave / Coin wash launderette / Smoking room 
Coin Wash Launderette 8:00〜21:00
Washing machine: 300 yen per wash(with detergent)/ Gas tumble dryer: 100 yen per 20 minutes
Curfew 23:00
We lock our front door at 23:00 and we expect all of our guests to respect our curfew
Payment Methods